OL' Salty II - Capt. Nick Caruso

Captain Nick Caruso and crew never dissapoint when diving the off the OL' Salty II.  Boat docks in Belmar, NJ and runs all types of charters.  Most important to us is the wreck and technical diving options.

Get Out & Dive regularly runs out to the Stolt and other "local" wrecks during the spring & summer.  The OL' Salty II is a great platform for completing Advanced Nitrox or Deco Procedures training.  Rebreathers are welcome and the boat is roomy, so napping on the 3 hour morning runs to the wreck is always an option.  Bigger trips to the Andrea Doria, U869 and other wrecks are available most summers.

We also coordinate with Nick's partner, Capt. Ted Massotti on trips to the 1000 Islands or Bahamas during the year.

This boat and crew is great.  As new divers, they will welcome you out on the short run trips and as always, understand the dives planned, experience and proficiency are needed for the more adventurous outings.

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