Richard Hoska

Also known as "evil" Richie, Richard is an avid cave and CCR diver who spends above water time playing with computers.  Rebreathers and tech dive planning are a perfect match for his tinkerer tendencies and technical skills.

The dive bug bit Richard in 2006 and he spend over 100 hours in quarries before tasting salt water.  Once he discovered caves, there was no turning back to the world of video games, golf and other activities.  Diving is a major life role.

Richard enjoys teaching beginners and those looking to grow their skills.  Search & Recovery or Navigation are some of his favorite specialties to teach.  As an O2ptima instructor, he is also very keen on teaching the intricacies of the electronics and understanding dive theory.

If you find yourself at a dive site and need a spare part or a gear geek, find Evil Richie!

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