Open Water Beginnings image

Open Water Beginnings

The first breath underwater opens up adventure and discovery. Take a taste, discovery experience or dive right into a course.


Drysuits, Sidemount & Photos image

Drysuits, Sidemount & Photos

Warmth and exposure protection scale with the extremes. Learn the techniques from those experienced in all environments. Try sidemount or adjust configurations, and capture the memories with photos.


Cave & Technical Diving image

Cave & Technical Diving

Moving beyond the basics of scuba, technical diving adds complexity and planning. Overhead diving starts with the light filled zone of the Cavern and extends deep into the wonders of the underground world.


Closed Circuit Rebreather - Optima image

Closed Circuit Rebreather - Optima

No bubbles, perfect gas mix & electronics add to the options available to the underwater adventurer. A rebreather/ccr can be used for multiple levels of diving & provides a world of options.



Training is taken seriously in terms of safety, quality and fun factors.  Good instructors teach because they enjoy sharing their passion, add experience and you get great instruction.  Strive to enjoy the experience, do not harm and contribute to the world - everything counts.

Instructor Training for SDI and TDI available for all levels.  We are proud to be part of the SDI Ambassador Instructor Trainer community.

All students are required to complete a medical questionnaire and liability releases.  Depending upon the training level and circumstances, doctor's consult and release are required PRIOR to getting in the water.  All divers should carry DAN insurance and if attending adventures, dive insurance is a requirement for participation.

Fees are collected for training services and mentorship, not certifications.  Students eligible for certification cards will be issued cards as part of the training fees.  Books, online learning, entrances, transportation and personal equipment are the responsiblity each student.

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