Team Teaching & Coaching

Team teaching is a core tenant of who we are.  Each approach has value and tailoring the teaching format to each diver's needs is important.  As a group of professionals, we value each other's input and try to include as much insight to each training session, coaching opportunity, adventure or expedition.


Taking people on adventures and learning about new places is important to us.  We also do not move on after teaching a course, our friendship and coaching are available for the long term.  The most rewarding days are still to come, so come join us, tell your friends and let us know what you want to do.


Courses are taught in small numbers with low in water ratios, ALWAYS.  Personalized training is more fun for everyone and required for younger divers or specialized activities.  Continuing the skill set is important.  We offer dive leadership, coaching, guiding and buddy for a day services.  Sherpa service is not out of the question when appropriate.  Dive smarter, not harder....maybe deeper or farther, and always get home to dinner safely.



Terms & Conditions

Small print about what we do, do not do and how we approach this business.


Respect the environment, student and instructors.  Never leave anyone behind and do no harm to the community, else we have no where to dive tomorrow.  Be curteous and treat others the way you wish to be treated.  We will not sell or share your information, please respect ours.


Training fees are non-refundable, but extenuating circumstances are taken into consideration.  Instructors and crew reserve the right to terminate activities for any reason.  Safety and quality of experience are of utmost importance, irresponsible behavior will not be tolerated during dives, events or adventures.


Adventure payments are non-refundable unless otherwise stated.  Loaned and rental equipment provided in service ready condition, diver accepts user responsiblity and onsite readiness testing to determine euipment fitness for each dive.  Any diver can call a dive for any reason, period.


Equipment purchases facilitated through other organizations are provided as a service with all warrantee and returns coordindated directly through the authorized distributor.  Used & demo equipment purchases are as-is without warranty.


Promotional & apparel items non-refundable/final sale.  All gas fills procured in anticipation of dive training are payable upon delivery.  If unused, requesting diver pays the bill unless alternative use is readily available to the procuring crew member.

our team


Dori Phillips

Circus Master & Coach


Richard Hoska

Gear Geek & Chief Tinkerer


Aaron Coons

Get over it and go diving!


Lisa Harig

Refining the experience.

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