Community & Commitment

The underwater world provides for the adventures we seek and a life line for generations to come.  Be kind to the environment and others.  We support many conservation, education and advocacy efforts.  Please consider adding your support when appropriate.  At the end of the day, responsible behavior by all of us will allow the adventures to continue.


Sharing Experiences

Mid-Atlantic Local Sites

Not all mud holes are the same. Consider diving Dutch Springs, Lake Phoenix or Juturna as an alternative.  During the summer months, visibility and warmth may suprise you at Dutch and Lake Phioenix.  The best part about these is accessiblity.  Most of us cannot make it to the Caribbean and be home for dinner.

Dive Boats

Different styles and locations, some of our favorites are Ol'Salty in Belmar, NJ and Olympus Dive Center in Morehead, NC or Aquatic Safaris in Wilmington, NC for day trips.  Friends in Key Largo are also doing great things, so we have added Rainbow Reef to our list of day boats along with the team at Conch Republic a few keys south. 

Wet Rocks

North Central Florida is a special collection of locations for Open Water through Cave diving.  Some of our favorites are Ginnie Springs, Florida State Parks such as Troy, Madison Blue, Peacock and Manatee plus Blue Grotto and Paradixe.  Getting gas fills, equipment and information or local training?  Try Amigos, Cave Country, Bird's Underwater, Lake City Dive Center and Dayo Scuba.

Distant Destinations

So many places to go and so little time!  Buddy Dive and Captain Don's in Bonaire do well, so do our friends at Dive Provo in Turks & Caicos.  Truk Lagoon aboard the Odyssey is the favorite for long haul destinations.  Planning a trip, our friend Amy at Caradonna Adventures can arrange just about any destination and she knows her stuff.


Share your stories and referrals.  We are always looking for new places to go or recommend to people.  If you have an event - let us know and we can promote and share.


Interested in running an event but need help or want to set up a new venture?  We are all about partnering with others making the dive community better every day.  Drop us a note and we will gladly provide input or referrals.


Past consulting has included training program design, plan implementation, physical operations, technical diving practices, equipment care/repair, fill stations, events and marketing.

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