The opportunities to explore the underwater world abound and the more places we go, the more doors open for new opportunities.  Consider joining one of the adventures hosted by our group or others presented here.


Adventures range from hours to weeks in length.  Our goal is not to book travel, we promote the adventure and while we provide information on the travel, you generally book your own transport.  When the adventure calls for bundling components for logistical reasons, we ask all of our participants to respect the group collective and share in the community spirit but let us know if you have special requirements or desires.  


Sleeping, eating, gear handling and training are not where we compromise, so bargains are not the norm.  Reasonable prices for quality experience guides our choices in putting together the adventures and promoting those of community friends.  We look for unique opportunities and plan in as many of the details up front as possible, often saving you money in the long run while adding little touches.

Wreck & Tech image

Wreck & Tech

Truk Lagoon Odyssey - June 19-26, 2021.


Bonaire - TekWeek 2020 image

Bonaire - TekWeek 2020

2020 has not turned out as planned...for anyone!


FL Springs - Caverns/Cave image

FL Springs - Caverns/Cave

Trips for returning divers plus Cavern, Cave, Drysuit & Sidemount training opportunities.


Weekend Road Trips image

Weekend Road Trips

Get off the couch and Get Out and Dive!


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