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Depart Blue Lagoon Resort on Saturday afternoon 19 June 2021, disembark at the resort early morning 27 June 2021.

Everyone on the trip is expected to be diving decompression profiles, helium if below 100 feet on CCR and 140 feet on OC.
Extendairs, Sorb, CCR tanks, bailouts and stages are all available with specs to come as we get closer. If you plan ahead with me, we can basically have anything available to us. Safe, fun and epic dives planned.
Truk "Expedition" Base price is $3,890 (this includes the Chuuk sales tax & diver permit fees). Full food/drink included onboard, CCR diver Extendairs or Sorb (if pre-arranged) and trip swag - yes, we will have "expedition" apparel just because...... Airfare and transit hotels on your own (I will have blocks at Truk Stop or Blue Lagoon for group booking if desired). 
Extra costs will be paid onsite for gases beyond air/basic nitrox blend. Extendairs/sorb and special tanks if needed will ship out 9 months before our trip - I will ask CCR divers to pre-plan/confirm items at that time. Again, the goal is to keep costs down for everyone while also getting the materials onsite for an experience beyond the ordinary. The Odyssey will be running SPECIAL DIVE PLANS, not the normal mix available to general individual or group bookings.
Payment Schedule:
Deposit                    $  350
Sept 15, 2020         $ 1,200
April 1, 2021           $ 2,340
Total Price            $ 3,890

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