FL Springs - Caverns/Cave


Training and fun diving trip to our second home with dives planned during July, August, September weather permitting.  Drive or fly and meet in Lake City or High Springs for lodging. Usual spots for diving at Ginnie, Peacock, Madison Blue, Blue Grotto and possibly Manatee.  High Springs Country Inn and house or trailer rentals also available in High Springs/Ft. White.


TDI Sidemount course scheduled for Thurs/Friday, TDI Intro Cave course starting Thurs or Saturday depending upon arrival schedules.  Cavern, Dry Suit and Open Water classes by request.  Cavern courses taught as either TDI or PADI.

O2ptima CCR courses also a great option for this location.  All dates TBD until confirmed students and always an option by request/availability.


See the calendar for dates, or email dori@getoutanddive.com with your request.

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