Dive Rite


We like to say.....buy it "RITE" the first time!


Established in 1984 by Lamar Hires and Mark Leonard, Dive Rite has grown from thirteen products to over three hundred.  The headquarters are in Lake City, Florida and they are all about innovation, quality and MADE IN THE USA.


The O2ptima CCR, Nomad Sidemount system and assorted "thingies" have received the greatest compliments of imitation.  The Get Out & Dive team generally prefers to stick with the originals and the innovation year after year from our Florida friends continues to impress.


Dive Rite has a proud history of supporting exploration, conservation and education have earned them worldwide recognition.  The headquarters team is made up of divers, explorers, innovators and teachers.  They make a great partner for Get Out and Dive events, training courses and adventures.

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