Open Water Beginnings

Our team of instructors work with others around the world to ensure you get the right training for your goals and skills.  Pool sessions can be accomplished in many locations with OW dives in a quarry, lake, off-shore, spring or fly away destination.

We are happy to help with training and often refer people to other locations or instructors to ensure the best training opportunities for all.

If you are interested in getting started right now, knowledge development is just a click and credit card swipe away.  Start your online pre-course via SDI (www.sdi/ & choose our facility for affiliation so we can help track your progress) or PADI ( THen send us an email to schedule your confined and open water dives.

Discover scuba session in a pool and try dives are available at a nominal cost to give you a taste of breathing underwater before committing to a full course for those nervous or just curious.  Scuba diving is an amazing experience and we love to see the look on your face after the first breathe underwater.

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