Closed Circuit Rebreather - Optima

The technology behind a CCR (closed circuit rebreather) has actually been around a lot longer than most people realize and pre-dates the OC (open circuit) systems most people associate with SCUBA (self contained underwater breathing apparatus).


Our team has extensive experience diving and teaching CCR units, most notably the Dive Rite O2ptima which is our focus.  Divers choose this equipment for different reasons and we take pride in teaching to those goals.  Not everyone wants to go deeper and farther, some want to be warmer, closer to marine life and stay a little longer in the recreational limits.


You choose your goals, we will work with you to attain skills and proficiency.  Demos or try dives on a CCR are available at events or by private request.  Full training for basic level is 5-7 days with academic pre-study, and additional levels added as needed.  We can take you through Advanced Mix and Cave, but we do not do zero to hero in one shot.  Train with purpose and enjoy the dives, goals are accomplished with time, patience and diligence.  


One size does not fit all, let us know what you want to do, and we'll work out a plan together.  DEMOs available at events and by appointment.

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