Cave & Technical Diving

Hooked on the majesty of wet rocks, we teach beginners through full cave at a pace to match the diver experience.  This is an area where cutting corners is just not tolerated.  We love this "netherworld" and want to come home every night for dinner, we expect the same of everyone we teach.


Cavern is the first step of the overhead cave environment, usually 2-3 day course.  Then comes Intro Cave and Full Cave.  Course lengths depend on students.


Intro to Tech is the first step of "technical training" and often serves as the taste for other courses or focus, sometimes overhead or wreck, maybe coral restoration or survey.  Advanced Nitrox and Deco Procedures can accompany wreck or cavern/cave course but often stands alone.


Gear configuration for techical diving can be customized to the diver and environmental needs, but always considers the need for redundancy and gas management.  One size does not fit all, let's figure out what "your size" is and then master the skills. 

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